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Cat Rescue Volunteers Needed in Marrakech

The street cats of Marrakech are living in very poor conditions. They eat garbage, drink dirty water, are at risk for being hit by cars, potentially abused by children and in general their life span is very short.

In Morocco we have a non-profit organization, called SPANA, at http://www.spana.org.ma. They offer the service of not only offering shelter to abused, neglected or abandoned animals, but they also offer free medical treatment for sick street animals as well as free neuter/spay services to them. SPANA is most well known for aiding the work- and carriage-animals of Marrakech, such as donkeys and horses.

They run a special program where volunteers can bring a street cat to them in the morning for vaccinations, any necessary treatments and then free spay or neuter. Getting to and from SPANA in Marrakech is usually not more than a 20Dh cab ride. Depending on the sex of the animal, the volunteer will return the cat later that afternoon (males) or the next day (females) to where the cat was originally found. The cat's ear is tagged so that other volunteers will recognize it and not take the same cat in twice.

Over time this gift of your time and energy toward helping control the wild cat population of Marrakech, through vaccination and spay or neuter, will make the quality of life for all cats better. 

If you are interested in donating your time in Marrakech by befriending a stray, dropping him or her off for spay/neuter, and then returning them to where you found them…please contact us or contact SPANA directly. We can help provide a transport bag or box.