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Learning class・習い事

Belly Dance・ベリーダンス

Belly Dance in Marrakech
Belly Dance in Marrakech

Once in a week on Sunday at Bab de Kuala. From 4pm to 6pm for Dh100 only. Limited on female only. Also Mon, Tue Wed class is available at Guiliz.

One class, 20 students. Beginners are all welcomed.


ジャマエルフナからプチタクで約5分のバブドクアラ。毎週日曜午後4時から6時まで。費用一回に付き100DH。もちろん女性のみです。他にも月・火・水 曜日もギリスで教えています。



上記御予約の際は  lostinmarrakech@yahoo.com までご連絡ください。

Learn Arabic for two hours and make useful for your trip, transportation, restaurant, shopping, etc. You can maximize exchange communication with local Moroccan.

1H for 100Dh. Teacher is Maroccan who speaks only Arabic.




Survival Arabia / French conversation・インスタントアラビア語/フランス語

Languages: French, Arabic, Berber

Size: Class size from 2 to 20 people in one class.

Teacher: Moroccan teacher with diploma

Toition: 200Dh for one class (2 hours), minimum 3 students.


Language learning excursion (day trip) can be arranged too.


Cooking Class・お料理教室

Not only learn how to make the original Moroccan cuisine Tajin and Kusukusu, we also have Tanjiya, Safi, Halira, Msamen other traditional home made dishes. Cost inludes glossary and tasting.



Moroccan tiles, lumpe, carpet (tapis), etc. From one day learning to long term study.  Up on your request we can discuss about it.



上記御予約の際は  lostinmarrakech@yahoo.com までご連絡ください。