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Laundry ・お洗濯・Laverie


2Kg laundry only for Dh20 (€2)!

Our laundry service:

First, your clothes are washed in the washing machine. Then, your clothes are dried in the outdoor. Next, your clothes are folded in easy, socks are matched and finally the clothes are bagged up.Just leave your items in a mesh bag. If you want to separate the color items and white items, you can put them in the separate mesh bags, but will be charged by each mesh bags.


Our pricing:

Washing (cold water) = 20Dh / 2kg / bag

Minimum charge = 20Dh

Over 1kg = 10Dh

Softener = 10Dh

Hand wash = 10-20dh / pc

Stain remove = 10Dh or more / spot (no guarantee)

Hot water hand wash (socks, white cotton) = 50Dh / 1kg

Iron = 10Dh/pc

Drop off before 10AM can be ready around 4PM same day on sunny day.

Delivery: Up on the request. Extra 20Dh++ will be charged depend on staff availability.


Kind reminder:

1. Please make sure that the clothes may dye others are excluded from the load which there is light color clothes. We strongly recommend you to wash them in separate load.

2. We do not take any responsible for any damages such as color change, shrink, lost of bottom and missing clothes or socks. We do not wash any expensive, dedicative and fragile items . Thank you for understand us.

3. The washing is made by washing machine which will run for 15mins. The stains and dirt may not come off. Please consult about the stains with us before hand.

4. If the washed laundry did not be picked up for more than one month, we will dispose it.

Pick up Service
Laundry Price Time
Near Jamaa el fna                 (500m diameter)        --------------------
Dh100 up to 5kg,              <5kg + Dh20/kg      ------------------- Before 10AM    ---------
Outside of Jamaa el fna.         Depend on the location
Dh150 up to 5kg,                <5kg + Dh30/kg Before 10AM
Please contact us by email: lostinmarrakech@yahoo.com or by Phone 05 2438 4121

Blanchisserie Marrakech - 2kg / 2 Euro!

Situé dans le Medina à Marrakech, LOST, le café-laverie, a ouvert ses portes 2010. On peut y boire une smoothies ou un café mais aussi laver ses vêtements dans une des machines à laver.

Allez-y les yeux fermés.